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Our experienced evaluators utilize a variety of assessment tools and behavioral observations to determine work readiness and stamina. The resulting evaluation report identifies specific occupational goals and provides recommendations for achieving those goals.

At JBW Employment Services, we strive to provide quality services to individuals with disabilities and their referral sources. We are committed to working with our consumers and customers to provide these services in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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To Evaluate Your:

  • Passions
  • Strengths
  • Vocational Skills

Vocational Evaluations

Vocational Evaluation is an educational process in which a client obtains greater self and work knowledge through participation in work activities designed to evaluate vocational skills, interests, and abilities. Clients learn about the functional impact of their disability in relation to their career options. They also learn about assistive technology and the devices and accommodations needed to remove barriers to employment.

The evaluation process encourages personal involvement in career planning and development and empowers clients by increasing their self-confidence in career decision making. Vocational evaluations provide an array of interest, academic achievement, aptitude, and work hands-on activities testing to assist our customers in determining a realistic job goal based on their interests, abilities and any barriers to employment you may have.



Work Tryout Assessment  

Work tryout assessment helps determine your ability to physically perform and sustain the requirements of a specific job or occupation.

One and Two Day Specialized Assessments  

One and two day specialized assessments provide vocational testing in one, specific area.

Transferable Skills Analysis  

Transferable skills analysis provides a list of possible job and career options to explore in the future. Evaluations can provide helpful information about a person’s interests, skills and abilities, as well as what jobs he/she might find most fulfilling.